I am Seizure

Here are some of Seizure Kaiser’s live productions and shows

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60 in 60 (2009-)

60 comedians. 60 seconds each. In a show lasting exactly 60 minutes. It’s a laugh a minute and this power hour of humour is a hilariously insane show! Created by Seizure Kaiser in 2009, it is now a staple and the official closing comedy gala for the Sydney Comedy Festival. that has performers from all around the world from the biggest names in the biz to local legends. A must see show

Yo Mama Battle! (2008-)

The “Yo Mama!” battle is a show that has contestants battle it out over “yo mama” jokes with topics suggested straight from the audience. The two competitors will go back and forth in an “8 mile” style, and try to come up with the best comeback jokes against the other person’s mother until someone gives up in defeat, all competing for a cash prize

This is a crazy event as this contest has topics chosen by the audience (THAT’S YOU!) which will in turn keep the contestants on their feet. You will never see the same show twice.

Trigger Happy (2016)

There’s certain words that trigger peoples emotions that could shock, frighten or even offend . PC culture’s trying to ban these words yet by using sharp wit to cut through flags of censorship, comedian Seizure Kaiser won’t let that happen, check it out Sydney Comedy Festival 2016

Gutless (2015 – )

Seizure has been called gutless for not taking risks, but at 29 was diagnosed with cancer. Apparently he is deemed “lucky” since doctors caught it early and removed a large portion of his guts. Now literally gutless, he takes on more risks since faced with the frightening reality that he might of died. A dark comedy
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Super Villain (2012 – 2015)

1st Runner Up Sydney Fringe 2012 Crowd Favorite Award

If you could take over the world, what would you do? Arriving from Australia with an appetite for destruction, witness this hilariously horrible Super Villain, Seizure Kaiser execute his evil plan. Come say hello to the bad guy! An outrageous and hysterical comedy show that deals with the world’s problems with a pull of a trigger, even though that trigger happens to be a death ray, muahahaha.

12 Easy Steps to Live with your Psychosis (2011-2012)

“Motivational” speaker Seizure Kaiser takes you on an easy 12 step program into living a comfortable and normal life with your peers, even if you happen to be a psychopath.
No matter how deep your emotional scars run or what psychological disorder you may wield, Seizure Kaiser will make sure that this 12 step program will get your life on track GUARANTEED* !
Are you ready to tackle and beat down problems? Then come along to an exciting comedy show that will take you on a warped, dark and twisted journey of the mind.
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Other shows/productions (more info soon)

  • George Dimarelos – Self Sabotage (2016-2017)
  • Hashtag Wars (2015-)
  • Spooky Best Friend Hour – 1 and 2 (2014-2015)
  • The Last Laugh – (2012 -)
  • Comedy Pictionary (2010-)
  • World’s Funniest Island – Comedy on Edge Stage (2010)
  • Bad Boys of Comedy (2010)
  • Shenanigans (2010)
  • Comedy Covers (2009-)