I am Seizure
Yo Mama Battle

A show that has been featured in comedy festivals around the world and is making a large splash every where it goes

“A raucous hour of insults, pure improv genius and hilarity that cannot be missed”



2016 Trails – March 22nd – Agincourt Hotel


“A night filled with insults, mayhem and fun”

City of Sydney website

Since 2008 the sell-out smash from Australia! “Yo Mama Battle!” has taken audiences world wide by storm.
The “Yo Mama!” battle is a show that has contestants battle it out over “yo mama” jokes with topics suggested straight from the audience. The two competitors will go back and forth in an “8 mile” style, and try to come up with the best comeback jokes against the other person’s mother until someone gives up in defeat, all competing for a cash prize

“Top 10 shows of the festival”

Edinburgh Fest

“Promises to send you in Stitches”


This is a crazy event as this contest has topics chosen by the audience (THAT’S YOU!) which will in turn keep the contestants on their feet. You will never see the same show twice.

This show is filled with insults & mayhem, where improv comes after dark, this is the funniest, craziest interactive comedy show ever! Created and hosted by the maniacal comedian/Super Villain Seizure Kaiser.

“Totally wicked and hilarious show”

LA spot

“A feast of entertainment”


Vol 1 digital download


Vol 2 DVD and digital coming soon

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