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Uncategorized | 10th March, 2016

Sydney Comedy Festival shows 2016!

Back again this year at Sydney Comedy Festival with 2 shows

Firstly my new(ish) show called Trigger (word) Happy can be found here


May 4th 9:30 pm

May 6th 9:30 pm

May 8th 8:30 pm

There’s certain words that trigger peoples emotions that could shock, frighten or even offend . PC culture’s trying to ban these words yet by using sharp wit to cut through the flags of censorship, comedian Seizure Kaiser won’t let that happen

Secondly its the 8th Annual YO MAMA BATTLE! that can be found here


Apr 30th 10:30 pm  Semi Final 1

May 7th 10:30 pm    Semi Final 2

May 13th 10:30 pm  Grand Final

In its 8th year running the world wide sell out smash hit returns! “Yo Mama Battle!” is back!

The best contestants battle out on “yo mama” insults based on topics straight from the audience.  So nothing is pre prepared! With 2 Semi finals & Grand final hosted by Seizure Kaiser. The two competitors will go back and forth in an “8 mile” style, and try to come up with the best comeback jokes against the other person’s mother until someone gives up in defeat.

Get your tickets now  at the links provided 🙂

Hey mofos! Ya boi SEIZURE KAISER finally has a new site… and apparently started using outdated slang too.

Welcome to the new site, lots of features that you can check out now here

Firstly and most importantly – TOURING DATES which I will update tomorrow with some exciting news

Secondly – Check out my comic strip NU-AGE written by me and drawn by Daniel De Nicola. You can check them here at the tab above

Thirdly – Check out my WEEKLY PODCAST – FILM FEUDS or GAME GRUDGES. People talkin shit about movies and video games with LOADS of special guests

Fourthly – I will be writing articles and blogs here too which will be linked to my facebook fan page and twitter as well which you can follow here for facebook and here for twitter

Fifthly – See Firstly

Sixthly – Leave comments and share with your friends on what ever if you like something 😀